The Advent of AI and ML in IT. Visibility, Optimisation & Continous Control Monitoring of Various traffic and Configuration in the network using multiple tools

Network traffic visibility solution

Network visibility covers a lot of ground, but its definition is actually rather simple. The term refers to being aware of everything within and moving through your network with the help of network visibility tools. In this way, network visibility tools are used to keep a close and constant eye on network traffic, monitored applications, network performance, managed network resources and big data analytics, which in turn, requires effective and scalable data collection, aggregation, distribution and delivery.

Network visibility, however, is not a passive function as it allows you to exert greater control over all these aspects. The more in-depth, proactive and extensive your network visibility, the more control you have over your network data, and the better you can make decisions regarding the flow and protection of that data.

Network Firewall Optimization Solutions

Existing manual approaches to firewall administration are too time consuming and error prone to be effective in today's environment. The increasing complexity of corporate networks requires more changes, on more platforms, faster and with fewer staff.

Automatically identify, locate and delete outdated or unused rules or rule sets. Reduce your security risks without reducing your productivity. With our automation and network analysis tools, you can effectively optimize rules to maintain security policies in a heterogeneous and constantly changing network.

Application visibility solutions

Application visibility and control functionality protects critical high-speed networks against application-level threats. These threats are both existing and emerging, and can penetrate and proliferate in the network. Derive application visibility using Colasoft and Plixir solution