Data privacy defines who has access to data, while data protection provides tools and policies to restrict data access. One can achieve this through Implementing DLP, Secure Sharing, Email Security, WSG EDR

Managed Cloud Backup services

Data is everywhere, protect your data on the cloud and on premise using leading Cloud based Online Backup solution from Acronis, Retrospect and Parablu. We offer managed services for backup On Premise Backup solutions: Protect your on-premise Data using leading on-premise Purpose-Built Backup as a Solution (PBaaS) from Barracuda Networks

Email Archiving services

Looking for long retention of structured data for legal compliance. Use the award-winning Email and Data Archiving solution from Barracuda Networks and Mail Vault.

Data Encryption

Protecting data at Rest and Data in Motion and maintain its integrity is a big challenge. Protect your organisation data and manage the complete life cycle management of your data using leading Data protection platform from Galaxkey - FIPS certified.

Data Leakage Prevention solutions

Data can be leaked through multiple vectors. 80% of the threat of data leakage happens through insiders. Protect using Leading award-winning solution from Cososys and Heimdal

Insider Threat Management

Most of the breaches happens through insider and misconfigurations. Protect your data and get a complete visibity of your end point traffic through Erkan Systems

Employee Productivity Management tools

In this global pandemic Remote working become a norm and its difficult to optimize the potential of the employee due to remote working. Increase the productivity and efficiency of employees through leading pioneer in this segment by DeskTime and manage your employee time effectively and productively.