iTechSolns & Systems is a company specializing in business-to-Customer IT infrastructure solutions. We assist small, medium and commercial customers with IT infrastructure solutions spanning network, compute, storage, desktop/mobile devices and extending to the cloud. Our solutions cover three core areas:

IT infrastructure &
security integration
Collaboration Services
Mobility solutions

As part of our solution, we support customers in purchasing software, hardware, network equipment and mobile devices as a trusted advisor.

We believe in providing robust solutions for IT security, data centre technology, cloud management solutions and mobility solutions.
Our journey began in 2014 and over the years we have developed deep expertise in various fields. Our services are often used by companies with 10 to 10,000 terminals, with the possibility of increasing to more than 1,000,000 terminals service organization.
We have successfully served our customers and continue to expand the range and vertical of our products/services. Our partners include most of the leading device manufacturers and solution providers in the fields of IT security, server and network infrastructure equipment, and commercial activation technology.